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Photo of Antonia Maher

Marin Stewart

Film & Television and Retail and Consumer Science

This semester, I planned on creating a film with Pablo Perez that was important to us. It was a very emotional film and definitely would’ve been a challenge, but nonetheless, one we were willing to take on. After we finally finished casting and spring break hit, we were told that the rest of the semester would be online, and our films were cancelled. Of course, we were devastated, but this brought on a new challenge. One where we could only use the resources we had on hand to make a microfilm.

For me, it was particularly difficult because I didn’t have anyone else to film. Which is why I decided to do stop motion. I’ve always been interested in how it all works, and I’ve made a few shorts before, so it seemed like a fun idea. My goals for this semester have been met and I’ve learned a lot about the patience required in using this technique and hope to make more. What I’m presenting is a stop motion short about an ant who stumbles upon a kitchen pantry.