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Photo of Antonia Maher

Antonia Maher

BFA – Film & Television

At the start of the semester, Hannah Lee, our friend Greg Rencken, and I wrote a short horror script together. We were very excited to film what we had written, our script had gone through many versions and we were extremely happy with how far we pushed our idea along. We had a full crew and cast, locations locked, and props ordered. However, Arizona went into quarantine a week before our shooting weekend.

After our sets were shut down and we had the task of shooting films under lockdown, for my Magic Hour film (or Quarantine Hour if you will), I decided to make a part 2 to a short I had made a year prior in our Experimental film class. The original film was called “Bottles”, part 2 being affectionately dubbed “Bottles 2.0”. The objective of “Bottles” is total experimentation on the fly, in both what is seen on screen and in the editing process. I combined clear bottles, water, glitter, food dye, and a very cute Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix to make the vision of “Bottles 2.0” come to fruition.