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Brandi Burleson

Brandi Burleson

BFA – Film & Television

In the beginning of this semester I thought my biggest struggles were going to sprout from learning how to be a professional director and work in a partnership where you have to balance both creative differences and hard business decisions, such as what snacks to provide. When I began this journey with my amazing partner Elsa, we saw eye to eye on most creative aspects along with the business ones also. We planned on developing a somewhat coming of age story where a young woman meets an older woman who helps her see where her life is heading and how it could change if she finds the courage to walk away. As the date for shooting approached we grew more excited for production and to bring our ideas from paper to life. Though our semester took a turn just like the rest of the world and we were stuck at a stand still.

The biggest change of all was having to mourn the loss of a film we were never able to make and watching everyone around go through their own difficult losses all around the world. In this situation it is hard to look for the positives in life but now that I have begun to adapt more, I have been able to look for those positives moment “in-between quarantine.” What I am presenting is a short film that at first could be seen as a little dark and strange but really it is supposed to highlight the moments in-between quarantine that I like to call “sweet little somethings” that can be heartfelt, peaceful or even just universally funny such as your mom calling you multiple times just to check up, or checking the pantry again and again, or even just having a moment to yourself for once. All of these things are needed no matter what type of world we are living in but quarantine helps most of us realize how important it is to appreciate the little things.

In-Between Quarantine